GDPR and Covid-19

Schools and colleges are under immense pressure during these unprecedented times, but data protection is still key.
We’ve created specialised services to help your organisation manage the fast-changing situation presented by the coronavirus outbreak. Managing GDPR compliance correctly now, will save a lot of time and energy when the crisis is over.

What We Offer

DPIA Support


Many schools and colleges have implemented remote learning to support their students’ studies. While these systems may have been in place before, they way they are used will have drastically changed. When a new system is put in place, or you make large changes to how personal data is used, you must do a Data Protection Impact Assessment.

As many institutions will be dealing with the same situation, we can work with you to customise a template DPIA and ensure you have the right measures in place to mitigate risks posed by home working and learning.

With our support, you can be confident you have met your regulatory requirement.


  • Coverage

    DPIA Template

    DPIA Customisation Support

  • Output

    DPIA Report

DPO Support Service


With the majority of staff working from home, and many needing to isolate, you may not have access to your Data Protection Officer when you need them most. We can provide you reassurance that there are experts on hand, should you need them.

It’s hard to know how long the this pandemic is going to last. You will be able to cancel the Data Protection Officer Support Service with a months’ notice at anytime.


  • Availability

    Business Days

    08:30 – 17:30

    Option for 24/7 Breach Coverage

  • Limitations

    DPIAs excluded

    Legal action excluded

  • Deliverables

    Telephone Consultation

    Email Consultation

    Written Advice

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