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In some cases a data protection project is bigger than can be managed within day to day resources. Data impact assessments, breach investigations and inspections are examples.
We can provide expert resources who understand data protection, education regulation and education systems. Bring us onto your project team.

What We Offer

Think about a major change project within your organisation. It’s going to be likely that a data protection impact assessment will have to be done. Even a modest DPIA can take many days to assemble to ensure that you’re covering off all of the bases in terms of risk and mitigation.

Amidst the work of actually delivering the project is easy for the DPIA to get put on the back burner. When you’re trying to close off a breach incident, or manage a complaint it can tempting to look for the easy fix.

Our project support is there for when you need help with a specific task but simply don’t have sufficient expert resource to meet the demand. We offer two models of support – scoped projects and open ended engagement.

Scoped Projects


This is our preferred style of project. Something that defined with measurable deliverables that can be tracked. We’ll work with you to define and agree the scope and then will come back with a price for the work you’ve requested.

Providing you don’t ask for the scope to be changed then the quoted price is what you’ll pay for the job and it’s in our hands to ensure that it’s done to the agreed time and quality standards.

If the scope has to change then we’ll update the quotation.

Delivery Details:

  • Summary

    Scoping agreed

    Quoted for delivery

    Guaranteed price unless scope changed

    50% Payment upfront

Open Engagement

Use GDPR Sentry services to help get your projects moving


With some projects the amount of time required is dependent on outside factors. Dealing with complaints is a clear example of this type of project.

We like to agree with you a clear definition of the role that you’re asking us to take and the criteria for recognising that the engagement is completed. After that time can be charged on an hourly basis when we work on your behalf.

We ask for an upfront payment to secure the engagement and then will bill you based on the numbers of hours accumulated.

Delivery Details:

  • Summary

    Role agreed

    Engagement Fee set

    Involvement as required

    Hourly rate charged

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