GDPR Support for Schools

Managing GDPR creates a significant overhead for schools. The regulations demand that as public bodies state schools have a data protection officer. It’s arguable that private schools also meet the criteria because of the sensitivity of the personal data they manage.
It’s rare that any school has the resource to provide someone with the time required to fully deliver the DPO role. The challenge is to deliver compliance in a light touch fashion. The Sentry system and the service we offer can help to make this possible.

Managing GDPR Efficiently

It comes as no surprise that within the school day, data protection is not always at the top of mind. Dealing with students and parents quite rightly takes priority. At the same time a tiny primary school is regulated in the same way as a multi-national corporation.

No single person has the expertise or time to manage all of the requirements. Instead a small contribution from all staff is the way to bring the school into line with the requirements.

Having clear procedures in place to deal with subject access requests and breaches and good knowledge of the personal data used in school are essential features of the management of GDPR.

It is the positioning of the need for data protection that can make the difference. Nobody in school would argue that safeguarding concerns should be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Issues with data protection can have direct safeguarding impact as well as threatening the finances and reputation of the school.

How We Can Help

The Sentry System

Cloud Based Compliance Management

Compliance management in one place

The Sentry System has been designed to make the task of managing compliance easier. It does this by providing step by step forms to record incidents, log SARs and document your data mapping and even deliver awareness training to staff. Every school can get benefit from these time saving modules.

The system is designed to allow many users to contribute to a task. This means that the job doesn’t have to fall onto one persons’ shoulders. Allow experts in the different parts of the school to manage the recording of data protection for their area.

If you use an external data protection officer, the system can be set up to alert them when a breach or a subject access request is logged. The new restricted access feature means that if the information in a record is especially sensitive it can be kept confidential.

With simple workflows, documentation and support, the Sentry system makes GDPR easier.

What it includes

  • Breach Management
  • SAR management
  • Data Mapping and Suppliers
  • DPIA
  • Staff Training
  • Global Administrator Role
  • Four levels of user access

DPO & Helpdesk Services

Expertise on call

The right sort of help

Let’s face it, we all need a bit of help sometimes and managing GDPR is no exception. The pressure on each member of is constant and only seems to be growing. For an individual to take on the role of data protection officer takes substantial commitment of time and effort. We can help to lighten the load.

GDPR Sentry can become part of your data protection compliance team and fit in with how you want to manage your school. We can be available directly to staff when they need support or we can work closely with a data protection lead from your team.

You can find out more on our DPO services pages, or get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of our senior consultants.

Service Models

  • Outsourced DPO: We provide full support including annual audits, 24/7 incident support, documentation and procedures.
  • DPO Support: Support for nominated members of your team for any data protection issues, working days or 24/7 options available
  • DPO Helpdesk: Incident based support for when you need additional expertise

Auditing Services

Keeping Track

More than box ticking

Simply putting the measure to become compliant can take a major slice of time. Understanding how well those measure are performing is often a step too far. When is comes to a full review there is a level of data protection expertise required to spot the non-compliances.

Our auditors are highly experienced in looking for issues and are independent of any organisation problems. We frequently identify non compliances that have been overlooked because we are not immersed in the way that school operates.

The audit is also a great time to get some immediate advice about improvements and we positively welcome questions during the course of the visit. We are more focused on practice, but we will want to review your documentation too.

Service Models

  • Surveillance Programme: Structured visits with a set agenda
  • Due Diligence: A detailed programme covering process and practice including readiness assessment
  • Investigation: Where there has been a significant breach or concerns have been raised and end to end review of the procedure

Training Courses

Building Your Expertise

Relevant Content

As well as everyone in school having basic awareness of their responsibilities there are also smaller groups of people who need more detailed information. We offer training course that are school specific and packed with real examples of both good and bad practice.

The training is mindful of the demands on peoples’ time. We can come to you and training can be delivered in half day sessions or in twilight sessions.

For those who use the Sentry system the practical training sessions also provide excellent guidance in how to get the best from it for your school.

Delivery Options

  • On-site Delivery: We bring the training to you. It often the only way to be able to get all the people together who need to be trained
  • Off-site Delivery: We are happy to arrange a suitable venue to meet your requirements

Coming Soon

  • Our own training centre
  • Online delivery

Project Support

Help When You Need It

Clearly Defined Tasks

In and among the day to day tasks of managing GDPR compliance there some that can take a huge amount of resource. If you have a major system development you’ll need to undertake a data protection impact assessment, or you may be trying to figure out how to reduce the frequency of breaches.

We can provide expert support for these type of projects. People who have experience in education, in data protection and in school systems.  We’ll scope a project out and then agree a schedule for delivery.

Types of Project

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Complaints & Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • ICO Inspection Preparations

What Our Customer’s Say

For Up Holland High School, in Lancashire, having Sentry not only allows the team to work together, but also to share information directly with their data protection officer as and when they need advice.

Up Holland High SchoolRobert Langdon

Harlington School is a busy Secondary School in Hayes, Middlesex. With time under great pressure, Sentry allows Harlington to manage all of their GDPR information and resources in one place.

Harlington SchoolIan Wells

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