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A Warm Welcome for the IDTA

As a company, we’ve been asked a lot about the impact of Brexit on UK data protection. For the boots on the ground, the changes have not felt particularly significant. The Data Protection Act, including the UK GDPR, governs our compliance in a very similar manner and we still need to ensure the integrity and […]

Will Meta Cut Off the EU?

We’re Back! It’s 2022, and with a new year comes new opportunities to look at the world through a data protection lens. To kick things off, News has broken Facebook’s parent company Meta is threatening to cut off its main consumer services like Facebook and Instagram from customers in the EU.   Unlike last year’s […]

Privacy Rules: Rumoured Renovations

Last week, a news article popped up. “UK to overhaul privacy rules”. Naturally, it piqued some interest. The UK debated revoking the GDPR before they finished implementing it. By the time the GDPR came into effect in 2018, several years had passed since the UK announced its intention to leave the EU. However, we have […]

Can I Ask My Employee if They’re Vaccinated?

It seems we are slowly marching towards “freedom day”, when the Prime Minister announces the removal of the restrictions that have covered almost every aspect of our day-to-day. However, Covid cases are on the rise again. With numbers as high as they were in Autumn 2020, We are all hoping the link between rising case […]

Demystifying SARs: Handling a Subject Access Request

For today’s post, we’re taking a quick dive into the murky depths of Subject Access Requests. Imagine this scenario. One of your students, staff members, or anyone you might have information about is standing at the front desk, and they’re asking for all of their data. What do you do? What happens next? For many […]

GDPR and Climate Change: An Unexpected Benefit

Here’s a good news story to kick off the new month…   The GDPR has provided a whole new framework for data protection, a framework that is centred around an individual’s right to privacy rather than an organisation’s desire for data. Your rights are now stronger and clearer, and organisations must safeguard data and be […]

Managing Mental Health Concerns in Higher Education

  In schools, responsibility surrounding children’s mental health and wellbeing is clearly documented. Legislation such as the 1989 Children’s Act, and guidance such as “Keeping Children Safe in Education,” set out responsibilities of staff and governors. Furthermore, it is made abundantly clear that data protection concerns should not prevent action from being taken to support […]

Returning to the Office (and the Pub!)

  We’ve reached a new checkpoint in Boris’s Covid roadmap. Yesterday, non-essential shops reopened, and many flocked to their local pub to enjoy a pint outside. For many, yesterday also marked their first day back in the office. While teaching staff have been back for a few weeks now, for others the full time return to the […]

Understanding Anonymisation

  When you purchase a product or use a service, at some point you will probably receive a feedback form. It’s almost an inevitability. It might be a form that arrives on email, or an irritating pop-up in an app. Recently, if you use a smart speaker you may get a notification which proceeds to […]

It’s been ‘Zero-Days’ Since The Last Incident

Last week, a global hacking campaign targeted Microsoft Exchange servers, and compromised hundreds of UK companies. It was estimated that more than 500 email servers in the UK were hacked, alongside many more across the world. Attackers used newly discovered vulnerabilities in the software to gain access to data, or to install ransomware. Ransomware can […]