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Your Organisation and the Prisoner of Ransomware

We don’t usually comment on cybersecurity stories but the breaking news of the issues at Travelex (as reported by the BBC) made me think about the potential loss of access to critical information in an educational setting.  From the information available ransomware has been placed in the Travelex system, forcing the company to shut down its’ online […]

AI in Education: A Brave New World?

A report published last week by career focused social network LinkedIn, identified the “Emerging Jobs” of 2020 in the UK. The report, which can be found here, looks at the roles that are experiencing significant growth. At number one is “Artificial Intelligence Specialist”, confirming that this field is expanding out of the academic realm and […]

Data Controllers and Data Processors; Who’s who?

When you talk about data protection all day, every day, it’s easy to assume that everyone else does the same. Some of the terms and names used when referring to the new GDPR are not as clearly defined as they could be. So, this week we are looking at the role of a ‘data processor’ […]

Careless Talk Causes Breaches

…(and can be costly too!)   GDPR is not normally associated with parties, but recently I heard the end of a conversation about an office Christmas party and it set me thinking about the impact that a misplaced sentence can have. Friendships and working relationships can be badly damaged, in some cases, irreparable. If I […]

How the Department for Education ran into trouble with the ICO

Being as clear as mud when it comes to Data Protection A key principle of data protection is transparency. You must be upfront about what you plan to do with personal data. A failure to be transparent has recently brought the Department for Education into the Information Commissioner’s Office’s sights. Information from the annual census […]

GDPR Problems Most People Are Facing

Are you facing the same GDPR problems as most? We asked a number of both Data Protection Officers and GDPR Leads in Education what the most common GDPR problems they come across are, interestingly, most of the answers were the same, so we thought we would put together a list of GDPR problems and some […]

The latest position of Brexit and GDPR…

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 Following on from our latest update last week, ‘How Brexit will affect GDPR’, as always with Brexit, there is another twist in the tail. In the increasing febrile corridors of Westminster, the latest set of proposals for an orderly Brexit offer a crumb of comfort from the perspective of data protection […]

Deal or No Deal; How Will Brexit Affect GDPR?

Among the political turmoil as we approach the deadline of the 31st October for leaving the European Union, data protection is now being mentioned. Some schools have received guidance about actions that may need to be taken. The essentials of the situation are these. Despite us having gone to considerable effort to implement GDPR and […]

Our survey said……

It’s now less than four months until enforcement of the GDPR begins. You’d imagine that every now knows about the regulation even if they’re not totally clear about the impact. On Tuesday of this week (24th January), the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released some preliminary results from Cyber Security Breaches Survey. With […]

Here comes the Data Protection Bill

On Wednesday 17th January, the Data Protection Bill completed its journey through the House of Lords and headed back to the Commons. This means it’s heading toward the last stages before it becomes law. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked several times what the difference is between the Bill and the GDPR, also […]