Summer Updates!

With our brand, we didn’t want to completely change the GDPR Sentry our customers know and love, so we made some minor improvements instead, and wanted to share them with you! Can you spot any new features on our website?

As well as website changes, our technical team have also been busy making some improvements to our Sentry System, all as a result of our customers’ feedback.

Sentry System: What’s new?

Restricted Access

Sometimes the information recorded about a subject access request or a breach is highly confidential. Our Sentry System now allows access to records to be limited to the person who restricts them and those users assigned to the case.

The tools you need for this are on the status page. Users who have not been assigned do not even see the item in their list of records.

You might consider using this function if data concerns child protection, any form of criminal action or disciplinary actions where it would be inappropriate for all users to see. Remember that Standard users also see only those items that are assigned to them. If you’d like to discuss how to manage user access levels, please get in touch.




As outsourced DPO’s, we visit schools, trusts, colleges and universities annually to perform compliance audits. We look at things such as display of data, data handling, and security including where paper data is located and secured. We would then put together a report of our findings. All auditing requirements and reports are now available within Sentry, which means you can complete audits and upload the reports directly into the system for your records.



We have had many requests for a notification feature to be added to Sentry, so we added it. Notifications are extremely useful when managing compliance across a number of schools or a large college. The new notification feature alerts you to any new SARs or Data breaches that are added to the system, for any of your schools or sites.


Customer feedback is valuable to us, and we can usually tailor Sentry to work for your individual requirements.

Check out our updated website, where you can also look at all of our products and services, such as Training, Auditing and outsourced DPO.

For further information on any of our services, please speak to our team today.