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How to avoid the winter blues…

While the Christmas holidays are tantalisingly close, many schools are struggling with the norovirus outbreak that is sweeping across the country. It got us thinking about the way that winter can leave us feeling washed out, both physically and mentally and how that could have an impact on more than just the mood at work. […]

Schoolboy branded ‘Harry2’ to comply with Data Protection

With the ‘Harry2’ story recently hitting the headlines, we ask, how far do Schools really need to take data protection? Newhey Community Primary School have branded Harry Szlatoszlavek with a number 2 as his surname, so they can differentiate between him and another boy with the same first name. The Rochdale based Primary School says […]

Documenting Data Breaches

Documenting Data Breaches Why paper and spreadsheets may not be enough… A Breach Scenario You’ve experienced a breach where information was sent to the wrong person. During the investigation it became clear that the person whose data was breached was aware of it happening. You took the actions that seemed appropriate and decided that it […]

Managing Data Breaches

Data Breaches Happen How will you deal with one?   Breaches come in many shapes, sizes, and severities. It’s critical to recognise that an integrity breach with a single inaccurate word can be as serious as a classic confidentiality breach. Part of your training for all staff needs to be about recognising when a data […]

Sentry System – Updates

Summer Updates! With our brand, we didn’t want to completely change the GDPR Sentry our customers know and love, so we made some minor improvements instead, and wanted to share them with you! Can you spot any new features on our website? As well as website changes, our technical team have also been busy making […]

Appointed DPO? But How much do you really know?

Since 2017, Schools, Trusts and Colleges have been bombarded with stories about the requirements and risks of failing to comply with GDPR. The mass of information around the internet can seem daunting even overwhelming, but we are here to help you on your journey to compliance. Any schools in state sector, including local authority nursery […]

Why Schools Should Do Their Homework Too

With so much confusion and little understanding around GDPR, we were always expecting some interesting headlines. This week, The BBC reported how a local authority in Sweden incurred a large fine, after trialling facial recognition on students to keep track of attendance. The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) fined Skelleftea Municipality  200,000 Swedish Krona (£16,800) […]